My Little PonyEdit

Straw as Twilight

Lemona as Apple Jack

Crepe as Pinkie

Butter as Fluttershy

Licorice as Rainbow Dash

Watermelon as Rarity

Dragon as Derpy

Blood as Queen Chrysalis

Cotton as Button Mash


Straw as Jewel

Watermelon as Bea

Butter as Crumbs

Dragon as Patch

Orange as Ace

Crepe as Suzette

Icebella as Ivory


Watermelon as Flaky

Dragon as Russel

Orange as Handy


Mallow as Hatsune Miku

Straw as Megurine Luka

Butter as Len

Lemona as Rin

Blue as Kaito

Iron ManEdit

Straw as Iron Man

Orange as Mandarin

Icebelle as Real Mandarin

Butter as Harley

Adventure TimeEdit

??? as Finn

Caramel as Jake

Lemona as Fionna

Butter as Simon

Straw as PB

Mallow as Pepermint Maid

Strawberry ShortcakeEdit

Straw as Strawberry

Butter as Angel cake

Dragon as Rainbow Sherbet

Blue as Blue Berry Muffin

Watermelon as Sea Berry Delight

Cotton as Watermelon Kiss

Lemona as Lemon Merigue


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